Our team

We have been working with Scott for over 20 years and he is not your typical “accountant”. He is actually fun to work with and has taken the time to educate us with our taxes so we actually feel like we understand them.

Steve and Jennifer D

Client Services

Scott referred us to Marcy Storm to do our payroll and bookkeeping, while Scott firm focused on our taxes as well as reviewing and making “top end” adjustments to our financial statements. This separation of workload has provided us with better service and information than we had with our prior CPA who did it all in-house.”
Jonathan B.

Client Resources

I just started using their “ShareFile” portal for sharing document and information safely. I am now able to have access to my prior tax returns and related tax information 24-7. It’s a great tool for peace of mind
Frank M

Tax Problem Resolution

We were weeks away from closing our business down and filing bankruptcy because of old payroll taxes. We consulted with our bankruptcy attorney who referred us to Scott. It was incredible how they dealt with the IRS and EDD and we were able to file an Offer -in-Compromise that cut our tax debt into a fraction of what it was, allowing us to pay our current taxes and keep the business alive.
Jose and Maria G.