Abbie is has been with our company for four years now.  In that time, she has benefited tremendously absorbing technical knowledge from the 30 plus years of experience gained by her co-workers.  By training closely and keeping an eye out for every opportunity to learn, she has grown along with the firm.  The tax world has proven to be a very exciting opportunity full of puzzles and challenges.  She is currently studying to become an enrolled agent to further her tax preparation abilities.  Enrolled agents are highly qualified practitioners who have unique rights when it comes to representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Abbie specializes in bilingual clients, helping them navigate tax requirements and ensuring clients are heard.  She recently used her spanish language skill on a month long trip to Argentina with plans to return again soon.

Scott was a life saver with helping us negotiate an Offer-in-Compromise with the IRS and FTB by eliminating over $100,000 in tax debt”

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Mostly importantly , Abbie truly enjoys working with her clients,many of whom are small business owners or freelance workers.Abbie has made it a habit to work closely with all clients and develop meaningful relationships in order to better understand each individual case.

Abbie spends most of her fre time with her beloved puppy,Moby.They enjoy going on walks to coffee shops and reading really wonderful books.