The following free client tax brochures focus on a variety of tax subjects of interest to most Butte, Glenn and Tehama individual and small business taxpayers.

These are .pdf printable color brochures which are available for you to view or print and save for future reference.

Please contact us with any questions related to these brochures.

Tax Planning to lower your taxes

  • Planning is the key to getting the best results for you taxes. Being proactive is crucial. This guide gives you a basic understanding of this process

Tax-Advantaged College Savings PDF

  • Starting early is important. This guide helps provide you with the tax saving vehicles to help you get ready to pay for college.

Tax Breaks For Higher Education PDF

  • There are a variety of great tax credits available for you and your children. This guide is a great introduction to educational tax benefits.

Small Business Guide PDF

  • Running a small business is challenging. This guide gives some great insights to help most business owners

Selling Your Home PDF

  • Selling your home can have some huge tax benefits. Knowing the rules is crucial. This guide is a great start to help give you some useful information.

Rental Real Estate as an Investment PDF

  • Investing in a rental can be great investment if done right. This guide is a great place to start before purchasing a rental or if you already have one.

Planning Your IRA Strategy PDF

  • Utilizing the tax benefits of an IRA can help make your retirement comfortable. This guide helps to educate those who have one or are contemplating to get started saving for retirement.

Keeping Your Tax Records PDF

  • Too often we are uncertain how long to keep our tax documents to support our tax returns. This guide will help you save what you need to and get rid of the clutter you don’t.

Home Ownership PDF

  • Owing a home is one of the things we all strive to achieve in our lives. This guide will help inform you as to the variety of tax benefits and related issues of owing a home.

Required Minimum IRA Distributions PDF

  • At 70.5 years old it is required that you start taking distributions from your IRA. This guide will help you gain insights with this process and all the options available.