Getting the letter from IRS or FTB that you have been selected for an audit can be scary as to what is going to take place, how long is it going to take, will they come to my home, etc…

Our firm has been Tax Audit Representation for clients who have been selected for examination for over 20 years. The majority of these clients have been referred to us from other tax firms because of our reputation and knowledge of how to deal with the audit. A side note, we have had less than 10 of our clients selected for an audit since 1993, which is well below the national average.

The way many tax firms approach representing you at audit can be prohibitively expensive. Many of them will not let their client talk with the auditor but insist on being the “go-between” at every step.

This is not only extremely time consuming but it is often seen as elusive or trying to hide something from the auditor and can often result in increased audit procedures that can make this process even more painful. In addition, the amount of time required for your representative to get up to speed with your situation so they can communicate with the auditor can cost lots and they never know your business or your situation as well as you do.

Our approach is different as well as costing a fraction of what other firms charge. Before we ever meet with the IRS we do a thorough examination of the issues involved and what are sensitive issues that could hurt you. We prepare you as to what you can expect. We have found that this approach dramatically reduces audit time and your fee.

We encourage the client to communicate directly with the auditor, with our coaching and supervision, of course. Who knows your financial affairs better than you do? This approach help builds a bond with you and the auditor verses having a layer between you in the form of a representative. The auditor gains much more trust that what you are saying is true versus when coming from a go-between. The auditor has lots of discretion as to what they are going to examine, and to what extent. If they like you, they want to be as nice as their job allows them to be.

If you are facing an audit, please let us help, even if it is just a simple consultation. Our years of experience will help.

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