We feel that the better educated a client is with taxes and other financial concerns, the easier it is for us to help provide them with the best tax and financial assistance. The more they know the more they will help us help them by asking more pertinent questions and providing us with more important information. Some of the financial client resources supplied in this section include:

Client Tax Brochures

We have selected an array of popular tax topics and included them here in the form of downloadable and printable .pdf files. These brochure can help our clients stay informed on a variety of tax topics of interest to them.

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IRS Publications

This is another way we have provided our clients with important tax information, which goes a bit more indepth on a variety of tax subjects of interest to our clients. By “clicking” on the various links, you will be directed to a screen shot of the related publication allowing you to either read online or print for further reference.

Financial Calculators

In this section you will see a list of various financial calculators that are available to assist our clients as needed for a variety of needs including education planning and loan amortization schedules.

Key Websites

We have selected a variety of website links to various government sites that we have found from experience are of great usefulness to our clients. We have made these links simple to access to help our clients obtain useful information on a variety of subjects.

Secure Client Portal

With all the concern over keeping you personal information secure, sending that information over the internet has been an area of growing concern for both our clients and for us as their tax advisor. This Secure Portal allows our clients to establish a direct secure link with our office to send and receive files as well as have access to past tax returns and related financial information at any time without having to wait and contact us for that information.