Our past experience with large corporate accounting and years of working with the small “mom and pop” business has given us the tools best suited for almost any business when it comes to helping design an accounting system or consulting clients with their current accounting or bookkeeping needs.

We don’t do any bookkeeping or payroll taxes in-house, but rather work with a network of qualified bookkeepers specific to various industries.

We act as the supervisory agent for those bookkeepers as they work with our clients. We have found that bookkeeping and payroll tax reporting should be treated as a separate business since the demands to do a quality job are just as high as the demands on our firm to focus on taxation. We feel trying to do it all would be a detriment for our clients.

As such, we use secure portals to communicate and share information with our clients and others involved in the accounting process. This allows us to have access to our client accounting records at any time. Our focus is at the “top” level of accounting and not the day to day input.

Below are direct links to our trusted network of Bookkeepers qualified to do your bookkeeping and payroll business:

Scott was a life saver with helping us negotiate an Offer-in-Compromise with the IRS and FTB by eliminating over $100,000 in tax debt
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Tim and Mary G

Marcy Strom -SMS Management Group, Inc.
468 Manzanita Avenue,Suite 1
Chico,CA 95926

Angela Meador
1501 Manzanita Ave
Chico,CA 95926

Vikkie Perryman
Accounting Solutions

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